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Improve the total cost of ownership with Haeger® insertion machines

Haeger Maschinen

Haeger insertion machines offer solutions to various levels of fastening tasks thanks to modularity, a wide range of toolsets and models. The individually equipped hydraulic mechanics further enable the possibility to carry out even a specific special order.

More than 90,000 fasteners were installed in automatic mode in one test with Haeger® 824 WindowTouch 4e, the insertion machines proved substantial time and cost savings compared to the manual insertion.  
Additionally, automatic feeding is highly recommended for the assembly process with 20.000-30.000 fasteners of the same type of fasteners a year, which can even further increase the overall efficiency.


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Our service for you

  • KVT-Fastening offers the possibility to calculate the overall total cost of ownership (TCO) based on the customer’s individual needs and the following estimation: 

    The suitability of the automatic feeding 
    The cost-saving from the automatic feeding installation 
    The time-saving from using original PEM fasteners v.s. fasteners of other brands

  • If you want to convince yourself of the quality of Haeger insertion machines, you have the opportunity at KVT-Fastening. Interested parties can take a look at the multifunctional system and test and operate the use of their specific materials under real conditions.




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