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PEM FHP studs for thin steel sheet in A286 quality

KVT-Fastening presents the corrosion-resistant PEM FHP self-clinching studs as an ideal alternative to the welding of thin stainless steel sheets: the studs made of high quality A286 stainless steel can already be inserted permanently and flush in material from a thickness of 1 mm and a Rockwell hardness of up to HRB 92. They are thus eminently suitable for thin stainless steel sheets which cannot otherwise be reliably fixed. For installation all that is needed is a simple circular hole without any special preparation such as reaming or deburring. This means that they are easier and cheaper to install than welded studs. PEM FHP self-clinching studs are highly twist-resistant, corrosion-resistant and push-out resistant. With these properties, they are above all ideal for exterior applications such as cladding, or in medical technology, gastronomy and in the maritime field.


PEM FHP self-clinching studs with countersunk heads are available now in a number of standard lengths and thread sizes from M 3 to M 6. They are easy to install with any parallel-working press. For applications with large numbers of insertions in manufacture, a high level of automation can be achieved with the use of a PEMSERTER press and thus cost-optimised insertion.

After registration, further information on PEM products and tips for installation will be found in the shape of white papers which are free of charge in the Download Center of KVT-Fastening.


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